"a group of out of work film industry types, trying to pay our bills, one beautiful planter box at a time"

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my name is raúl. i'm a commercial director. back in march, my wife asked me to build her some planters for our backyard. i showed a friend a photo of them and he said, "can you make me three of those?" i said sure, and then someone else asked me for some, and then someone else...

i decided to post them online to see if there was any interest from my neighbors. indeed there was. i was very quickly swamped with orders and simply couldn't catch up. first i employed a neighbor to cut all the wood for me in my driveway, while i assembled in my patio. very quickly, we still couldn't keep up. i partnered with my good friend colin, and we moved shop to his long driveway in silver lake. 

colin suggested we start providing soil as well. then, irrigation. then, protective critter covers. soon we had anywhere between 4-8 people working at one time both on site and remotely to keep up. i hired all film industry folks that were totally out of work from the pandemic. it was great.

quickly we outgrew colin's driveway and moved into a space in frogtown. then we moved to another space in boyle heights. we now have a team of full time and part time workers every day of the week, building and delivering planters to the greater los angeles area. 

it's been a wild ride in just a few short months and we feel very lucky to have this opportunity to continue creating and to provide for our families and the families of so many of our friends.

it's also been amazing to meet so many complete strangers and to be able to provide something that brings them joy and fulfillment in these wacky times. many clients have told us that without our service they would have never even been able to get into gardening. and many seniors share that because we've eliminated all of the hassle and physical labor, they too can come back to growing vegetables like they did years ago. 

we are constantly taking customers' feedback and constantly improving and evolving our products. it's been a very "organic" experience and we've loved every minute of it.

thank you for allowing us to continue to grow every day. 

- raúl + colin



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