Subpod is definitely one of the greatest composting systems we've ever seen. we've been following them for a while and love everything they are doing. the Subpod composting bin fits perfectly inside all of our planter boxes, however, we recommend going with our 3ft wide options, allowing ample space for your vegetables and herbs to grow within the same area (the most ideal situation for success). we could not be prouder to partner with these awesome young aussies and their incredible company.

all you have to do is head over to and input our discount code "VICTORYGARDENLA" at check out. you'll save 10% on your subpod order and, if you order a composting system along with one of our planters and include our soil, we'll install your Subpod for you! that's a win/win.


what makes Subpod so special?
Supod is the first composting solution which lets worms do their work directly in the soil. It looks great and is the only composting system which allows you to make a stand against food waste, by taking a seat among your homegrown veg!

Below ground, Subpod’s perforated sides allow the worms to move freely in and out, aerating and conditioning the surrounding soil and delivering nutrients directly to the roots of nearby plants, helping them thrive. There are also smaller holes in the walls above ground. This is the airflow panel. This helps maintain an aerobic (oxygen-rich) environment for the compost, which is why Subpod isn’t stinky!

The mobility of both air and worms is at the heart of what makes Subpod special.

The ability to connect multiple Subpods together is also unique, making Subpod the only modular composting solution which can be scaled easily to suit large gardens, organisations, even whole neighbourhoods.